Newsletter - August 2017


New Shanghai' rankings are out !

Shanghai's ranking of the world's universities is a point of reference regarding worldwide university's programs.
Traditionally, Technion is among the top universities worldwide: 
- among world’s top 50 academic institutions in three academic subjects 

  • 8th place in aerospace engineering
  • 37th place in electrical engineering and,
  • 50th place in automation and control, 
- 93rd global place out of 500 best universities

Source: ShanghaiRanking
Photo from: Wikipedia

Cooperation between Technion and IBM Research, to develop a new microfluidic chip

IBM Research in Zurich and Technion have jointly developed a new microfluidic chip which can improve the sensitivity of immunoassays by >1000x.

Immunoassays are used to detect proteins (a kind of biomarker): this is a critical step in various tests like cancer screening. 

This new technique is more accurate and it works on very small quantities of proteins like it is the case at early stages of a disease. 


Photo from: Wikipedia

Closer relationships between Israel and Vietnam

The two nations are getting closer and closer especially by encouraging startups via the Start Jerusalem event. The context of this global competition for startups is a Free Trade agreement which is on the way to being signed.

Targeting startups is thus supporting the efforts to connect these two nations. The fields at the heart of this partnership are agricultural technology, education and medicine. 

Promoting the Start-up Nation and research is merging with Technion's goal to drive Israel’s high-tech economy.

Source: Times of Israel

Technion's de-jargonizer translates science-speak

Do you have trouble understanding interesting scientific articles? Do you grab the dictionary every couple of words? Science interests many, but expert-level terms can discourage some readers. 

To help scientists recognize which words are jargon and should be explained or avoided when engaging with the public, researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and HIT–Holon Institute of Technology have created a program that automatically identifies terms the average person may not know.

Source: Technion
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The mission of Technion Netherlands is to promote Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in the Dutch scientific, industrial and economic community and it aims to stimulate innovation in the Netherlands by fostering collaborative R&D links between Dutch and Israeli companies, research centers and universities.

Technion Netherlands furthermore aims at making available and establishing scholarships, fellowships, lectureships and publications. In addition, the foundation aims to serve social objectives like integration and better understanding among different groups of people by executing common goals in the technology field.

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