Lectures at Erasmus University

The chairman of Technion Netherlands, Kobi Kurtz, was giving lectures about innovation at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. His main goal when accepting this new challenge was to introduce young minds to the world of technological innovation.

In his capacity as lecturer, Kobi Kurtz presented the Israeli high-tech environment and invited guest speakers from Israel. One of the guest speakers was Rafi Nave, general manager of the Bronica Entrepreneurship Centre at Technion. He elaborated on different clusters, shared success stories of some inventions and talked about the entrepreneurial drives in Israel.

Another guest speaker was Yuval Rakavy, a truly inspiring entrepreneur.  Yuval started programming at a young age and got involved in creating the first firewall – this activity grew into a multi-billion company CheckPoint. He played a role in many other successful start-ups over the years. Currently he is part of the VC in Israel called BRM. During the lecture, Yuval has shared his success story.

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