Technion’s breakthroughs

Recent Technion Research Breakthroughs:

  • A pill-sized camera , used around the world, was developed by a Technion graduate (at Given Imaging Ltd) and is used as a non-invasive diagnostic tool for the digestive system.


  • A miniature robot for fail-proof spinal surgery, which was developed at Technion, has received FDA approval .


  • Prof. Dan Shechtman of the Technion’s Faculty of Materials Engineering received universal acclaim for his discovery of Quasiperiodic Crystals – a new class of materials.


  • Prof. Moussa Youdim and John Finberg of the Faculty of Medicine together with Teva Pharmaceuticals developed Rasagiline – a new anti-Parkinson’s disease drug.

  • A revolutionary gene therapy approach is being developed by Dr. Marcelle Machluf of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering via ultrasound waves. The system uses non-invasive cell engineering to bring painless treatments to victims of cancer and diabetes.


  • Technion is one of a handful of universities around the world supporting a student program to design, build and launch its own satellite. (The Gurwin TechSat II microsatellite has been successfully in orbit since July 1998).


  • The Lempel / Ziv Algorithm , developed by Professors Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv has become an international standard for data compression, and a prestigious milestone of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


  • Technion was one of only at research universities in the world authorized to receive US federal research funds for stem cell research.