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Support the Technion and our Goals

The Technion Society of the Netherlands aims to promote the technology in the Dutch scientific, industrial and economic community and aims to stimulate innovation in the Netherlands by fostering collaborative R & D links between Dutch and Israeli companies, research centers and universities.

One of the core activities included in this work is providing support to the Technion through donations from individuals, institutions and companies.


Technion Society of the Netherlands’ Account

Rabobank Rotterdam:  1090.11.708

VAT number:  NL8192.86.412.B01

Trade register Rotterdam:  24433941


There are multiple manners in which you or your company is able to support the Technion:

• A donation for general use by the Technion Society
• A donation for a specific project
• A reward by completing a codicil form
• A sum of money for the Technion Society to invest and use the investment income towards a project
• Gifts of artworks and other collectibles
• Sponsoring an event

Some examples of specific projects that can be funded:

• Scholarship for a Technion student
• Mutual research program of Technology and Dutch university, institute or company
• Development of research – or other facilities – at the campus
• Sponsoring a new research area at Technion
• Sponsorship a chair at Technion
• Student exchange program

Organizations or individuals who are interested in sponsoring the Technion Society of the Netherlands and wish to have an initial conversation, they are welcome to contact us or fill in a contact form.